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<capo on 3 or 4 or wherever>
// A- / C / G / G //

verse 1:
i can honestly not tell you
how long its been and how many times
i had to let go of this crazy idea of how i had somehow
somewhere arrived in this life of mine

cause no matter how great you feel
and how many things are going right for you
you can never say you've arrived
what would be the point of that?
the point of a life that's got nowhere to go

never been in a place where felt better than i feel now
but somehow, somehow i know there's a lot more i've got to know

i've lost my momentum and I've lost my steam
too many ups and downs you see
and i know that somehow it might seem
that it's just another turn of the merry-go-round
and i've got, yes i've got a dream
and i'm ready for another round

verse 2:
i'm gonna take it as it comes
don't worry, don't worry
i will know it's getting better all the time
but it comes in waves, it comes in waves
and that's why sometimes you might be fooled
into thinking that, into thinking that it's all just pain etc.

i'm gaining momentum and i'm gaining speed
no more ups and downs just stability
and i know that somehow it may seem that it's just a waste of time
but i have, yes i've got a dream
i have a dream for you and me


from Side B: Forward Momentum, released December 20, 2011


all rights reserved